Long, long ago, in the ancient Mediterranean, someone, some anonymous HERO, decided to smash up some chickpeas and BOOM. The art of eating hummus was born. (or is it birthed? Idk, but if we knew the exact date this happened I would celebrate it.)

Hummus has been savored all over the world for thousands of years because of it’s versatile (and delicious) nature. In fact, hummus can fulfill almost all of your body’s nutritional needs and it’s super rich in vitamins + minerals.

Believe me, I practically lived off this stuff in college.

I remember the first time I ever had hummus. I had been a vegetarian for years but found the creamy dip visually unappealing so, although I worked at the Mediterranean Grill (a mecca for delicious hummus and mediterranean food) I never tried it. Until one day, I gave in and dipped some pita into a bowl of hummus. And I never stopped.

Being a vegetarian and intermittent vegan my whole adult life, I didn’t realize how much better I could feel just by eating hummus. Seriously. The protein and fiber complemented my diet perfectly and gave me consistent energy.

So after years of keeping the good stuff all to myself, I decided to just make more and share it with you guys, in hopes that it’ll help you live well and feel good.

Just trying to keep it kosher with my body, mind and mother nature. Come hang out with me at a farmer’s market this summer so we can chill and eat hummus in the sun like our ancestors did thousands of years ago! 🙂

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